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Austin Independent School District (AISD)


Public Notice of Sale, Exchange, or Lease of Real Property


The District conducted a pre-bid conference on October 18, 2016 which was well-attended by over 100 potential buyers and community members. Following below is a summary of questions raised at the conference along with questions which have been received by email. Answers for most of the questions are provided today; however, additional answers and information will be posted to the District's website in form of addenda through November 15th.

• The deadline for submission of questions is November 8, 2016.

Several questions related to the process for submitting bids, offers, and proposals.

Charter Schools

• A separate notice was mailed to open-enrollment charter schools operating within the boundaries of Austin ISD. There was no requirement for sealed bids and a charter school could submit an offer in any lawful form.

• One (1) offer was received for the Allan Center and is being considered. No decision has been made as of this date.

• The process for evaluation of the offer submitted by a charter school is different from and will be handled apart from the Public Notice for Sale, Exchange, or Lease.

• If the offer submitted by a charter school is accepted, the Administration will remove the Public Notice for the Allan Center.

Public Sale, Exchange, or Lease

Bids, offers, and proposals (collectively referred to as "bids") need to be submitted in sealed envelopes, boxes, or other packaging. Bids received that are not sealed will not be accepted. Mail or deliver the bids to:

Austin ISD
Contract & Procurement Services
1111 West 6th Street, Building A, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78703-5338

Note: on some of the Bid Package and Proposal Package documents, an incorrect postal ZIP code was stated. Please use either "78703" or "78703-5338".

The deadline is 2:00 pm on December 14, 2016. Bids will be received up to the deadline time and date. We will collect and assemble all of the bids received and move to the Board Auditorium (Building B) and conduct a public bid opening beginning approximately 2:15 pm. The public is welcome to attend and observe.

1. Can an entity submit both a bid and proposal?

         Answer:  Yes.

2. Will trustees be at the opening?

         Answer:  Not likely, but certainly possible.

3. Will it be done on an open forum?

Answer:  (Assumption the question refers to the bid opening) Yes, it is open to the public, you are welcome to attend.

4. Will charter schools follow the same process?

Answer:  No, see above

5. Is there a minority-owned or local preference?

         Answer:  No.

6. Can 2011 bids be viewed?

         Answer:  Yes, through a public information request.

7. Can we visit the properties on our own time?

Answer:  Six properties are unimproved so you can visit them whenever. The improved properties can only be visited during the scheduled tour date or by appointment. Please contact Mr. Paul Turner, Executive Director of Facilities or Mr. James Sessions, Director of Contract and Procurement to schedule an appointment.

8. Requirement to dispose of all 10 sites?

Answer:  The District is under no obligation to sale, exchange, or lease any of the properties listed and did not bundle the ten properties. Each property is separate.

9. Will the bid package have a minimum starting bid?

         Answer:  Each property bid package states a minimum purchase price.

10. Minimum bid price? Could a lower bid with other benefits be entertained?

Answer:  Government Code §272.001 states that the land may not be conveyed, sold, or exchanged for less than the fair market value; therefore, the District has an obligation to determine the fair market value and to make sure that the public receives fair market value. Each bid will be considered and an alternative bid will not automatically be disqualified. The value of the cash and other benefits offered will have to be assessed.

11. Do we know how to determine how many bids are expected to be received?

Answer: The Administration does not try to determine the number of bids that might be received.

12. Can the proposed contract document be made available on the website in a word doc?

         Answer:  Yes, it will be made available upon request.

13. Being sold "as is" with zoning....could it be a contingency closing?

Answer:  Buyers may submit a bid with any conditions the Buyer feels necessary; however, the Administration will have to determine if such conditions are in the best interest of the District.

14. Does the board have to declare the property as an excess or surplus property? Board still must do that as an agenda item?

Answer:  The Board will have to declare a property excess or surplus prior to disposal of that property. Such an action would be made by approval of an agenda item at a Regular Meeting of the Board. Two properties, vacant land located on Loyola Lane and vacant land located on Trail West Drive, have previously been declared to be surplus. These two properties are available for immediate sale, exchange, or lease. The other properties may be declared surplus if an offer is received that is in the best interest of the District.

15. Surplus property prior to bid due date? Not currently scheduled?

Answer:  There are no agenda items scheduled in November or December to declare a property excess or surplus.

16. Is it possible that a bid or proposal might be pulled and set aside (filtered out) and not presented to the board?  Will it be pulled aside if it is not considered acceptable?  When will community input happen?

Answer: Each bid or proposal will be reviewed to determine if the bidder is a responsible party with the legal ability to enter into an agreement with the District and to determine if the bid or proposal is responsive to the intent of the Notice of Sale, Exchange, or Lease. Any bid or proposal that is determined not to be from a responsible party or non-responsive to the Notice will be set aside and not considered further.

17. At what date will there be a community support response?

The board said they would take into consideration community engagement.  Will it be a part of the evaluation process?

Answer:  Trustees and the Administration recognize that each property is part of one or more neighborhood communities. Community engagement is fundamental to successful decision making. The Administration has not yet formulated a community engagement plan for any of the properties.

18. Some sites have lease-back provisions, on occupied space.  Is that based upon finding office space?

Answer:  The District will need to relocate staff from Allan, Baker, and CAC if any of these properties are sold or exchanged. A needs assessment - space utilization plan will need to be developed separately at each location. The Administration will try to utilize existing District-owned facilities before leasing commercial space.

19. Unimproved properties- any site assessments done by AISD, are they available?

         Answer:  None available

20. Bid evaluation section is open ended...  Will bid evaluation matrix be available prior to bid date?

Answer:  The Administration anticipates that bids, offers, and proposals will be as unique as each property. An evaluation matrix was not developed in order to remain flexible.

21. Will decisions be published for all or some at the same time?

Answer:  Likely but, not necessarily.  Final decisions are to be made by the Board and may be scheduled for any Regular Meeting. 

22. Contradiction that trustees will review all bids....packet states staff will review first.  What the packet states is confusing.

Answer: The Administration will review and evaluate each bid, offer, or proposal. If the Administration desires to proceed with any bid, offer, or proposal, an agreement will be negotiated with the Buyer(s) and that agreement will be submitted to the Board.

23. Is there an inter-local agreement with city how rezoning process be handled....any special considerations?

Answer:  There is no inter-local agreement with the City on the subject and none anticipated. Many of the properties will require rezoning. The District will not be a participant in that process.

24. Does the district intend to facilitate rezoning?

Answer:  The District will not be a participant in a rezoning process for any property.

25. Can the website be used to identify and advertise entities that would be interested in a joint venture?

Answer:  Submissions must be in the form of a question. All questions will be posted.

26. AISD has a lot of needs including cash and other interests....will AISD bring outside groups together to make deals work?

Answer:  The Board expressed interest in creative solutions

27. How does your statement align with recent announcement by city, county and AISD?

Answer:  The resolution was made by the Joint Subcommittee to support efforts to achieve affordable housing... By and large, the District's focus is on education, not public or private housing.  

28. Austin Habitat for Humanity works on affordable homeownership solutions and would like to know if there are developers looking to partner with our expertise to create mixed-income neighborhoods?

Austin Habitat for Humanity builds single-family and multi-family, ownership product that is kept permanently affordable, how may we be part of a public-private partnership or something similar where we work to produce housing that AISD teachers and AISD families are able to afford?

Answer: The District derives its legal status from the Constitution of the State of Texas and from the Texas Education Code as passed and amended by the Legislature of Texas. Neither the Constitution nor Education Code authorize the District to directly participate in public housing partnerships or projects.

29. Does AISD have future sites that may be offered at a later time?

Answer:  All of the vacant land parcels owned by the District are listed for sale at this time. The Facility Master Plan (FMP) may identify possible future surplus properties but none are anticipated at this time.



Questions related to the Allan Center

1. Please release any and all asbestos and other environmental remediation/risk findings and/or reports for the Allan Center site. 

Answer:  Mr. Turner answered that it is likely in Baker, Millett Opera House and Allan due to the age of the improvements....CAC probably not because it was built after 1980. The District will provide any information in our possession.

2. Please release the complete Facility Condition Assessment for the Allan Center. If the latest Assessment is dated prior to 2016, when will the 2016 Assessment be released?

Answer:  The current facility condition assessment studies will not include Allan, Baker, CAC, or Millett Opera House during the time of this Notice of Sale, Exchange, or Lease.

3. What are AISD’s administrative space and design needs specifically at the Allan Center?

         Answer:  To be determined

Questions related to The Travis Country Land

1. Has AISD conducted or contracted for any Site studies of said property? This might include an Environmental Assessment or Intensive Archeological Survey. Is the property in the breeding range for the golden-cheeked warbler? Has a heritage tree survey been conducted? Since the property is in the Edwards aquifer recharge zone, are there any associated caves, sinkholes, seeps, solution cavities or other associated recharge features? If any such study has been done, is it available to bidders?

Answer: AISD has neither conducted nor contracted for any site, endangered species, environmental, heritage tree, cave, cavity, or any other type of study or report for the ten properties advertised. Any such study necessary for development or re-development of a property are solely the responsibility of the Buyer.

2. Why doesn’t the bid package disclose the restrictive covenants covering the property?

         Answer:  A Title Commitment was included for each property.


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All questions must be submitted electronically to or via the submission form.

First round - Questions are open for submission until 5:00 pm on Tuesday. October 18, 2016.

Second round - Questions are open for submission until 5:00 pm on Tuesday, November 11, 2016.