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We don't confuse price with value. Size with space.
Statistics with strategy. What is with what will be.

Welcome to Southwest Strategies Group's (SWSG) new Retail Strategy division. While we might be referred to as Retail Agents, what makes us different is our background as true Retail Experts. Our roots, our passion and our pulse revolve entirely around the retail industry. As such, no one understands a retailer's challenges better. Our experience is backed by one of Austin's most well-respected commercial real estate brokerage houses.

SWSG has developed iconic Austin projects like Seaholm Power and Penn Field, and assisted many retailers with helping to create venues with a special, authentic Austin vibe. Our team members are among the 20 percent of local professionals responsible for 80 percent of all sales and leasing in the Austin market.

So when it comes time to find the right location, we're the group that understands how to take a multifaceted approach to best determine what "right" means. Because not only do we know how to listen, our personal retail experiences mean we also know how to anticipate. In addition to knowing how to analyze contracts and the market, we also understand how to synthesize that data with your needs, objectives and aspirations. And this applies to not only to the brick and mortar aspects of your retail business, but the digital, virtual and mobile aspects as well.

Because the right retail presence does far more than serve as space – it's vital to enhancing your success.


Local is the new global, which is exactly why national brands need local market experts more than ever. We blend national-brand experience with local expertise – meaning we understand the large-scale industry, but more importantly, how to translate that to individual markets. Whether you need help finding an ideal Austin location, or help tailoring your concept to a specific market, we know how to dig deep into any local landscape and offer an interpretation of a national brand that rings true to consumers on a specific street corner.

Another differentiating factor: we're willing to work with your existing team. We understand you may be loyal to transaction experts that you've worked with before. Our unique perspectives can complement your existing team.

Together, our group helps national brands find the ideal location, in Austin, across the US and beyond.


Simply stated, we get Austin like no one else. SWSG is the same team that created Penn Field's culture and has been responsible for re-energizing the iconic Seaholm Power Plant. Additionally, SWSG has a long, rich history of helping Austin retailers locate in ideal locations to suit their business needs and objectives. Second Bar + Kitchen, Congress, Opal Divine's and Easy Tiger are just a few examples.

Prior to joining SWSG, Linda Asaf led retail recruitment efforts for the Downtown Austin Alliance, where she forged an extensive network with downtown property owners, business owners, the City of Austin and retailers of all sizes – including Easy Tiger, Langford Market, Delish Cupcakes, Optique Eyewear and El Sol y La Luna.

Linda's local knowledge is coupled with Mark Goldman's global perspective. Prior to joining SWSG, Mark worked for several large European retailers and consulted on projects for Neiman Marcus, Barneys Mens Division, AOL e-commerce, The Discovery Channel and other small boutiques.

Together, Linda, Mark, Mike & Michael help local brands find the ideal location, in Austin, and across the US.


Southwest Strategies Group's principals have more than 50 years' combined experience in Austin real estate, and are among the 20 percent of local professionals responsible for 80 percent of all sales and leasing in the Austin market. For an expanded client list.

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